Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy!! Happy!! Happy!!!

When you say "Happy" three times fast, it begins to sound like a very weird word. But, I'm so HAPPY!!!

God has done so much this week and last that I am beside myself with joy.

My small group, again, last night followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and instead of watching the DVD that the church has provided, we ended up praying for each other, prophesying, and worshiping the Lord. Then when time came, we went into prayer for Dadcat. Our spirits reaching out to his, in a realm where time and space mean nothing. I got a comment from him earlier in the day the read:

"I am overwhelmed by the love and presence of The Lord through all of your prayers.
My sincere thanks to all of you reading this who have been praying for my healing.
I have confidence that The Lord hears our prayers and will answer, and I will have many more years to serve Him before He returns.
The Oncologist's office called yesterday to inform me that my blood tested normal so I don't need another transfusion right now.
The Lord may be already working His miracle."

Is not our God an awesome God?
Not only are we seeing God's healing hand at work with Dadcat, but also with myself. Praise God!! I got the results of my blood work yesterday. No, Lupus. God's healing from five years ago continues. What is happening with me is an incredibly low deficiency of vitamin D. It is causing all the symptoms that look like Lupus. What a hoot!!! I repent for following for that one and praise God for His healing and mercy.

I'm so Happy!!! My joy overflows. Miracles abound!!!


That's my new angora goat. Is that cute or what? She maybe pregnant. I'm excited. What to name her? Any ideas? I'm thinking!!!


Anonymous said...

Gracie the Goat

Given55 said...

Gracie is pretty good.

Laura suggest...Mama: Angie; Baby: Angel

Kathryn said...

Yay! I rejoice with you! God is so good!!!

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments! I'm encouraged :)

Given55 said...

Yes, Kathryn, God is good.

you are welcome.

Bless you

Anonymous said...

Her name should be "Happy", because that's what you are! Glad you got good news.

BTW, everythings well here, the bad storm missed us....again.

Aunt D.

Given55 said...

Aunt D,

I was wondering about you. Praise God, you were missed again.

Happy....hmmm...I like it.

Maybe "Happy Gracie Baby"

God bless

channelofhealing said...

Hi Given55, Glory be to God for His Mercies faileth not. Am so Grateful to Jesus Christ for his healing power upon your life and I proclaim that it would be permanent in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
Thank you Holy Spirit

Given55 said...

Channel of Healing,

You are so gracious and kind. I claim this healing and will not fall, again, for the lies of Satan. I will stand on the promises of God. I AM HEALED.

Donna said...

Name her Delilah. No reason, I just think it's a good name for a goat. LOL.

abbagirl74 said...

Phelan sent me. If I had a goat, I would name it Gabi.

Robbyn said...

Hi, here from Phelan's blog! so happy for you that you found out about the vitamin deficiency :)

The new goat is beautiful :) She looks like a Ruthie to me

Given55 said...

Donna, Abbagirl74,Robyn,

Thank you so very much. You have given me idea I would not have thought of. I'm still lost because now I have so many more names to choose from.

Soon, the big announcement: ?????