Monday, April 21, 2008

The Last Prophetic Warning

This being the last of the prophesies, I wanted to tell you, my dear readers, how these came to my attention. There is a young woman in my church that is having these same kinds of dreams. She has been having them for about a year. The dreams show devastation to the United State. In the dreams she is shown that Wichita, Kansas will be a safe place for people to hide, especially Christians. She has been shown safe houses and stock piles of food. But, the devastation of the United States is terrific and heart rendering.

I believe that God is taking His hand off of the United States. That in His anger, He has warned us and we have not taken heed of these warnings. Our tolerance to sin and disrespect to His commandments are our downfall.

Proverbs 17:11
Disobedient people look only for trouble, so a cruel messenger will be sent against them.


Angelic Warning In Dream! March 19, 2008

I had a very profound, disturbing dream recently. I feel like God wants me to release it, and ask if anyone has had a similar experience, or any 'wisdom', please contact me. I do not pretend to understand this fully.

In my dream, I was busy doing something, and suddenly I heard a male voice speaking to me. He was pleading for a moment of my time. He said : Mam, I need to tell you something important!

So I sat down facing this young man. He was in his early teens, and he appeared to be of African heritage, though he was somewhat black, he looked as if he could be part white. He had tears running down his face.

He began to speak to me. I could tell by his demeanor and tone of his voice, he was desperate and very very serious.I could not understand most of what he said, I strained my ears to determine whether he had a thick accent or if he was speaking an entirely unknown language. However, in the midst of this unknown language, one phrase was clear.

"A judgment is coming against America. Please tell the church to PRAY!" That was it. I woke up, so wishing I could finish it.

I do not know if this young man was an intercessor somewhere in Africa, who God allowed to appear to me in my dream, )like the man from Macedonia appeared to Paul in a dream), or if this 'man' was an angelic messenger.. (as in Genesis 18 where three 'men' appeared to Abraham) But I woke up with an extreme urgency in my spirit to be obedient, first to PRAY and then to release this word to the body of Christ, so we can pray!

Lillis Boyer


Clay Williams said...

I am spooked regarding your dream because it sounds like you are talking about me. The reason why I say it sounds like me is because I am a black man; however, most of my life I have been seen from the perspective of being white because of the way I talk, act, and was raised... wow, my stomach is warming up. Anyway, 2 years back I heard the Holy Spirit say get out - referring to the United States; however, but I didn't fully understand. Now as God has been revealing to me that the time is short and his Judgment is close I must prepare. This place of preparation though it begins here in the United States it ends in Africa which is one place deemed safer to withstand some of the horrific Earth Changes (Revelations) that will be taken place. I would love to chat with you more but go to this site where I started a recent blog. It's in the beginning stages but I want you to get a better perspective about who I am. FYI - This site was designed for all so I try not to have a pure religious posture. I have been researching a lot of things which God has been leading me too - including this site and I am now truly excited. I don’t know for sure because as you stated we can sometimes miss what God is attempting to communicate but I have goose bumps!!!

Given55 said...


I appreciate your comment. I did not dream the prophesy. Lillis Boyer did. This is the web site: I would love and will read your posts. It sounds like you have great intimacy with the Spirit of God. God Bless

Anonymous said...

thanks for the response and I love these web site.