Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time to Pray

Are you ready for a miracle? I am!!

Are you ready to see a mountain move? I am!!!

Are you ready to see a brother healed from disease? Yes, Yes, Yes, I am!!!

Come on Christian brother and sisters, let's all get on board for healing. Tomorrow is the date and I for one, have got on healing train and tomorrow I will ride that healing train to its destiny.

Desert Cat's father has, just recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is a man of great gifting and service to our Lord Jesus Christ. He has brought glory to our Savior and for that we should all be grateful. Grateful that he has endured through all the challenges of services.

Tomorrow, his church will fast and pray for a miracle. y54y Will you join them to see a brother receive a miracle? Will you join them to glorify you Father? I have looked to the Lord to understand if He would want me to pray healing, always wanting to do only what I see my Father doing, and have not been told that healing was not at hand. So, it becomes our obligation to pray for healing.

This obligation, should be approached with love. Only through His love will we see the miracle. And even though, we on the Internet, can not lay hands on him, we can through the Holy Spirit intercede into the heavenlies. Our voices will be heard.

What should we expect? Nothing short of a miracle. When we pray, we should always come expecting.
So, tomorrow, I expect a miracle. Tomorrow, I intercede with my dear friends church. Tomorrow, with his church, I fast. I pray that all who read this will join us and watch as God moves upon this child of God and expect.

At 7:00 Thursday night, Arizona time, his church will meet to pray. My small group will also be interceding. Please mark that time and join us.


DadCat said...

Thank you!

Given55 said...

I am pleased to be a servant of God and a friend to you.

So, very welcome.

jim said...

I will Join you. Our god Can and will hear our prays

Given55 said...


God will honor your love fot your brother.