Saturday, April 19, 2008

Third Prophesy


March 2, 2008

My people are you awake and alert? Are you listening for My Voice? Oh My beloved ones, I truly desire for you to be always alert and listening. Do you know how late the hour is? Are you spending time with Me and studying My Word? I ask these questions to shake you up, and to make you think! Are you a tare and the son of the evil one, or are you Mine and a Blessed One? Remember that the tares and all the stumbling blocks, and all who are lawless will be taken out first and burned! (Matthew 13)

Too many of My own people are satisfied and complacent with their lives and their relationship with Me. Have I not told you that a complacent Christian is a sterile Christian. I would have you be one who is producing abundant fruit. Oh My children, I beseech you to never be so sterile and complacent that your fruit production simply dries up. You need to be the perfect soil showered with the rain of righteousness and fed by the meat of my Word. Always remember that I AM THE TRUE VINE and My Father is the VINE DRESSER! Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit HE TAKES AWAY, and every branch that bears fruit, HE PRUNES, so that it bears more fruit. (John 15)

My love for you is great, and far beyond your comprehension, and so is my patience. But, you must remember that My Word tells you that, "My spirit will not always strive with you forever". Do you understand the times in which you live? Do not be like the hypocrite and be able to read the signs of the weather but not the signs of the times, for I have warned you of them over and over! If you deliberately turn away from the signs of the times, THEN YOU ARE TURNING AWAY FROM ME, FOR YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH YOUR LIFE AND THE WORLD THE WAY IT IS! Ask yourselves how you can be satisfied with a world gone mad with sin and corruption! The constant abominations committed daily, especially in your nation, are a stench in My nostrils and will not be endured by Me much longer! The killing of the innocent, the horrible pornography, the constant lies and deceit by those in power, and the love of war by your nation, has indeed brought you to the utter brink of destruction! I say to you, BE PREPARED! Incredible destruction and utter chaos are just around the corner! So stay very close to Me and keep your eyes on Me now, IT IS IMPERATIVE!

Recieved by Katie Jordan


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