Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Prophesy

Many of you prayed and had concerns when I was dealing with my mothers broken hip and admission to the nursing home. Wanted you to know, that last night she was again put into the hospital with pneumonia and an enlarged heart. If you think of her, would you pray for her.

Here is the second prophesy.

Feb 21, 2008


I said Lord I am going to bed, I had my computer on and I went over to turn it off and the Lord said no, I want to speak to you, I want you to write. So I took my Bible, and I had it open to one of the Old Testament prophets books. I fell back down on my face and wept more. Needless to say I woke up quickly, the Lord God had my attention.

The Lord said remember my son, I have given my Angel charge over you, For what I am about to tell you, the time has now come, it is the appointed time. I looked at the clock at that moment it was 12:21 A.M. and the room got very bright and I looked and saw a man in white linen holding a sword. As I looked behind him, I could see a large body of water. Just then the angel of the Lord pointed with His hand, and there appeared before me the United States of America. I saw four huge Angels one standing on the West Coast, East Coast, the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast, They had these huge swords in their hands, they held them out to each other touching the tips of all four swords together. Then they pulled back and held up their swords in the air, just then I heard the voice of the Lord say,

son of man prophesy against the holy places and to the land of America. The Lord God said tell America I am against her, at that moment I saw the righteous and the wicked running, all over America.. I said Lord why are they running? " He said for they are running to hide from my Judgment," Just then I looked again and I saw the man in white linen, raise up his sword with two hands I saw His waist, there was a gold band around Him. He swung His sword in a 360 degree wave. Then He flew up in the Air and there where lightning bolts that came out from His face. I looked again at his face, it looked like lightning, then He stuck His sword down into the middle of the White House, and it just blew apart, like it was no longer needed, the president was struck. I saw another 911 rise up that was seven times greater, and military troops were blocking all roads,

At that moment the Angel on the West Coast turned to face the Pacific Ocean, I saw four demon spirits rise up, the angel of the Lord commanded, you must let go of the sea, the demons yell out two times no, no. Just then the Holy Angel of God Almighty, took His sword and struck the Pacific Ocean. Then the sea rose up hundreds of feet in the air, the demons screamed out and the Angel of the Lord struck them and they disappeared. The sea was rapidly coming towards the west coast and went towards many other countries.

Matthew Stephen


Christine Spillane said...

hello. I believe god sent me to this website for a reason..I am also a person who sees,feels, dreas, things. For the longest time I have dreamt Fire, Water, Bombs, and lots of running. and I see myself helping people. Your blog has gave me a more of understanding in what I go through. last night I had a dream that planes were flying throwing bombs..thousands of planes.

Given55 said...


I am glad you are here. It is good when we find each other. Makes for a great family. I have so many dreams that have been brought to many for interpretation that sound just like yours. Time is surely short.

Bless you.